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FFECC President's welcome back to Fall 2021

Welcome back to the College and the start of a new semester that I hope will bring back some form of normalcy and a new beginning that will improve and strengthen the institution for all of us.

What we have all experienced in the last 18 months has been both chaotic and stressful. During this time the FFECC Leadership has worked long and hard to protect your jobs. We are the only Community College in New York State without lay-offs or furloughs.

Our Interim President, Bill Reuter, has made many of the necessary changes to begin the process of rebuilding trust in this College both internally and externally. We still have many challenges ahead due to the community’s changing demographics, enrollment issues, Workday implementation, lack of a comprehensive marketing plan, the pandemic and the new COVID variants.

We are always stronger when we stand together as members of our bargaining unit for the greater good. I strongly believe we can all learn from the many adversities that we have experienced in the past year as an institution and as individuals.

Please remember that all students and staff are required to wear a mask when on campus per Erie County.

President Reuter has mandated all SES staff be vaccinated. Therefore, I would encourage all FFECC members that are not vaccinated to please consider doing so, especially in light of the vaccine being approved by the FDA.

Individuals who are not vaccinated or have not provided proof of vaccination will be required to be tested weekly. All FFECC members that are vaccinated please turn in a copy of your vaccine card to Amy Yoder at This will excuse you from the required weekly testing. This policy is mandated by SUNY to stop the spread of this highly transmittable virus.

Thank You,

Andrew Sako and the FFECC leadership team


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