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Spring 2020 FFECC Call for Nominations

The Elections Committee of FFECC requests nominations for the following positions:

Grievance Committee - Six (6) members will be elected, consisting of two (2) representatives from each campus. The term is for two (2) years. The committee shall meet at least once per month, shall publish all settlements made, make reports to the Executive Council for submission to the membership on a regular basis, and file copies of minutes, reports, etc., with the Federation Secretary. The committee manages all FFECC grievances.

Auxiliary Services Corporation Representatives to the ASC Board- Three (3) representatives to be elected, one (1) representative from each campus. The term is for two (2) years. The Auxiliary Services Corporation is a non-profit corporation separate from the College which manages the college bookstores and food services, among other functions.

College Leaves Committee- Seven (7) representatives, at least one (1) representative from each campus, will be elected. The term is for one (1) year. The Leaves Committee approves and communicates proposed leaves of absence by FFECC members to College administration.

Three (3) Campus Vice Presidents- One tenured or permanent member from each campus will be elected. The term is for three (3) years. The responsibilities of the vice-president(s) shall be to: conduct informational meetings on their campus when necessary; carry out those duties and responsibilities as delegated by the President; coordinate the distribution of all Federation communications; coordinate division representatives; act as Federation spokesperson on their campus; participate on the Grievance Committee; serve on the Executive Council.

Secretary- One tenured or permanent member from the membership at large will be elected. The term is three (3) years. The Secretary shall record and prepare for distribution the agenda and minutes of general membership and Executive Council meetings; oversee the preparation of all correspondence and communications received from the Federation officers and committees; secure the personnel, supplies, and equipment necessary to carry out the duties of the secretary in an efficient and effective manner; maintain up-to-date files of all-important Federation records including minutes, correspondence, committee reports, and other data; perform such other duties as pertain to this office; serve on the Executive Council.

Treasurer- One tenured or permanent member from the membership at large will be elected. The term is three (3) years. The Treasurer shall account for all income and expenditures of the Federation funds; present quarterly reports to the Executive Council as to the fiscal status of the organization; when deemed necessary, submit up-to-date financial reports to the membership; prepare reports and statements necessary to comply with legal regulations governing the finances of employee organizations; provide for an annual audit of funds; ensure that up-to-date membership records are maintained; submit a budget proposal to the fiscal Executive Council… to be voted on by the general membership…for the fiscal year beginning in July 1; perform such other duties as pertain to this office; serve on the Executive Council.

Divisional Representatives to the Executive Council: A representative shall be elected for every forty (40) members or fraction thereof, in each division. Membership is by campus and division - only members of the constituency are eligible to run. The terms are three (3) years. The positions are as follow:

• 2 Liberal Arts Reps from North - 1 from City - 1 from South. (The Liberal Arts Division includes English, Social Science, Mathematics/Computer Science, Humanities, General Studies, Communication Arts, and English as an Additional Language.) • 1 Business-Public Service/Health Sciences/Technologies reps from both City and South • 1 Business-PS rep from North • 1 Technologies/Engineering rep from North • 1 Health Sciences reps from North • 1 at large rep from Counselors/Librarians/other NTPs • 2 at large reps from NTTPs (including TSS's, TA's, FT Mentors, Athletic Trainers) • 3 at large reps from PT teaching faculty • 2 at large reps from PT non-teaching faculty The Executive Council is the Policy Board of the FFECC and it has many functions. It interprets our contract and approves all major actions of the union. Please refer to the FFECC Constitution and By-Laws in the Members’ section of the FFECC website,

College Re appointments Committee: three (3) tenured/permanent members will be elected. The terms are two (2) years. One (1) member will be elected from each campus. The College Reappointments Committee's only function is to review the evaluation process of any pre-tenure full-time member of the FFECC bargaining unit who is recommended for non-reappointment by their Unit on the basis of evaluations. The Committee's only task is to make sure that the contractual evaluation process was followed correctly, including improvement plan. This Committee has nothing to do with the individual Unit Reappointments Committees.

***Individuals interested in serving in these positions should notify the Elections Committee member on your campus no later than Friday, March 6, 2020. If you would like to nominate an individual, you must confirm that individual is willing to serve. Current office holders must re-nominate. Individuals may self-nominate in order to be on the ballot or the term will end at the end of this academic year. Please do not submit a nomination without that person’s approval.

Elections Committee Members: Denise Prince, City/Mathematics Department, 851-1047 Taheera Shaheed-Sonubi, South/Library, 851-1773 Greg Gillis, North/ Construction Tech Department, 851-1546 Kimberli Cruell-Munn, South/Counseling 270-5279

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