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FFECC Reminders for Rank Advancement/Tenure

Reminders for Rank Advancement/ Tenure

Please refer to the contract language regarding important dates for both Rank Advancement and Tenure.


(1) Each September 1st all ranked faculty who have served one (1) year at the top step of their job group or presently receive longevity pay and who meet minimum rank criteria and have been satisfactorily evaluated shall be advanced to the next higher rank and Job Group.

(2) Each faculty member desiring rank advancement shall submit to the Director of Human Resources and the President of the Federation by March 1st preceding the September 1st day, the following information:

(a) Name

(b) Present Rank

(c) Current step in Job Group for one year or more (d) Advanced to rank

(e) Step within new Job Group

(f) Statement of eligibility

(g) Evidence of eligibility (supporting documentation, including official transcripts)

(h) Signature of faculty member

(i) Date signature affixed


Full-time faculty members shall acquire tenure after completion of four (4) years of continuous full-time service from the date of original appointment. Tenure shall not be acquired or granted until the faculty member actually begins his or her first day of instruction in the semester following his or her four (4) years of continuous full-time service as required by this contract.

Your FFECC leadership team:

Andrew Sako, President Patricia Kaiser, VP City Campus Adrian Ranic, VP North Campus

James Ruggiero, VP South Campus

Jacqueline Bollinger, Secretary

Kristen Kozlowski, Treasurer

Michael Delaney, Grievance Chair

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