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Results of the FFECC Spring 2024 Call for Nominations

Results of the Call for Nominations, Spring 2024. 

The Elections Committee would like to extend a very gracious thank you to all our members for your patience during the Call for Nominations process.  Below are the individuals who have accepted nominations for the available positions within these FFECC committees:

These individuals are running unopposed; therefore, no election will be held for these positions.

Dr. Jacqueline Bollinger, NYSUT/AFT Delegates, North Campus

Kenneth Kubik, Grievance Committee, South Campus

Taheera Shaheed-Sonubi, Grievance Committee, South Campus

Taheera Shaheed-Sonubi, Leaves Committee, South Campus

Taheera Shaheed-Sonubi, ASC, South Campus

Cristel Mejia, Humanities, Grievance Committee, City Campus

Heidi Knight, Culinary Arts, Grievance Committee, City Campus

Cristel Mejia, College Reappointments, City Campus

Charles Barrett Gordon, Librarian, NYSUT/AFT Delegates, City Campus

Angela Crocker, Biology, NYSUT/AFT Delegates, City Campus

Tomasina Cook, Criminal Justice, NYSUT/AFT Delegates, City Campus

Thank  you,

Elections Committee Members:

Denise Prince, City/Mathematics Department, 851-1047

Taheera Shaheed-Sonubi, South/Library, 851-1773

Ray Barker South/ Social Science Department, 270-2658

Kimberli Cruell-Munn, South/Counseling 270-5279


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