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Results of FFECC Elections Committee Spring 2018

Results of FFECC Elections Committee Spring 2018

Elections Committee Members:

Chair: Kimberli Cruell-Munn, South/Counseling 270-5279 Denise Prince, City/Mathematics Department, 851-1047 Taheera Shaheed-Sonubi, South/Library, 851-1773 Greg Gillis, North/ Construction Tech Department, 851-1546

Results of the FFECC Call for Nominations The election committee would like to extend a very gracious thank you to all of our members for all of your patience during the Call for Nominations process. We are pleased to announce that the following individuals have accepted nominations for the available positions within these FFECC committees:

Allyson Ford-City-Counseling

Grievance Committee College Leaves Committee

Emily Carlin-City-Librarian

Grievance Committee

Nancy Hargrave-South-Health Sciences

College Leaves Committee

Frances Moyer-South-Counseling

Judicial Committee

Erika Hendra-South-Liberal Arts

FCCC Alternate

Michael Delaney-South-Liberal Arts

FCCC Delegate NYSUT/AFT Delegate

Janet Acara-North-Health Sciences


Rahsanica (Nikki) Howard-City-Counseling

Judicial Committee

Ray Barker-South-Liberal Arts

Judicial Committee

Kathleen McGriff Powers-City-Library

Grievance Committee

Andy Sako-City-Bus/Public Service

NYSUT/AFT Delegate

Kristin Goss-City-Bus/Public Service

NYSUT/AFT Delegate

Peter McKeown-City-Bus/Public Service

NYSUT/AFT Delegate

Richard Wacienga-City-Bus/Public Service

NYSUT/AFT Delegate

Dorothy Johnston-City-Bus/Public Service

NYSUT/AFT Delegate

Verlaine Quinniey-North-Counseling

NYSUT/AFT Delegate *These individuals are running unopposed; therefore, no election will be held for these positions.

Current members of these committees who are interested in retaining their positions should contact Jason Steinitz VP South 851-1305 Patty Kaiser VP City 270-5639 Adrian Ranic VP North 270-5828

Thank you all for your time and commitment to FFECC committees. Congratulations!

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