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Spring 2018 FFECC Call for Nominations

MEMO TO: Members of FFECC

FROM: Elections Committee

DATE: February 28, 2018

SUBJECT: Call for Nominations

The Elections Committee of FFECC requests nominations for the following positions:

Ten (10) members that include the three campus Vice-Presidents, and one Chair appointed by the President for the Grievance Committee. - Six (6) members will be elected, consisting of two (2) representatives from each campus. These positions are elected for a two (2) year term.

Three (3) representatives to be Auxiliary Services Representatives/ASC Board- At least one representative from each campus are needed. This term is for two (2) years.

Six (6) Faculty and three (3) Counselors to be the Judicial Board- Two (2) Faculty from each campus is needed. One (1) Counselor from each campus is needed. These positions are elected for a two (2) year term.

One (1) delegate, one (1) alternate at large for the Faculty Council of Community Colleges Delegate & Alternate- At least two representatives from any of the three campuses is needed. These positions are elected for a two year term.

Seven (7) representatives for the College Leaves Committee. At least one (1) representative from each campus is needed. This term is for one (1) year.

Ten NYSUT/AFT delegates and any number of alternates to start September 2018 and to represent FFECC at the NYSUT Representative Assemblies (yearly, alternately in Buffalo, New York, and Washington DC) and the NFT Convention (every other summer, if the FFECC chooses to send anyone, at major east- or west-coast cities.) May be full- or part-time FFECC members. The term is three years. The top ten vote-getters will be delegates and the rest alternates. Commitments: to attend conventions out-of-town, to attend sessions, and to review, discuss and vote on resolutions that affect education on a national level, and to work local leadership and NYSUT directors as needed between conventions.

***Individuals interested in serving in these positions should notify the Elections Committee member on your campus no later than Tuesday March 6th, 2018. If you would like to nominate an individual, you must confirm that individual is willing to serve. Current office holders must re-nominate. Self-nominations are allowed in order to be on the ballot, or the term will end at the end of this academic year. Please do not submit a nomination without that person’s approval.

Elections Committee Members:

Denise Prince, City/Mathematics Department, 851-1047

Taheera Shaheed-Sonubi, South/Library, 851-1773

Greg Gillis, North/ Construction Tech Department, 851-1546

Kimberli Cruell-Munn, South/Counseling 270-5279

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